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AdSense Eligibility Checker

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AdSense Eligibility Checker

Are you trying to get success in AdSense Approval?

Have you ever checked your blog/site using AdSense Eligibility Checker like this one?

It is essential to check your site eligibility for AdSense before you are going to apply for the AdSense Program.

This will give you ideas about your site's approval success probability.

Nowadays, AdSense approval is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort.

AdSense Approval Checker

Google doesn't provide tools to check the blog's/site's AdSense success probability. They just gave the criteria and the eligibility requirements to be followed for successful AdSense approval.

But the problem is, that the new bloggers don't understand those eligibility criteria and struggle to get their sites approved.

To resolve this issue, I created the tool 'AdSense Approval Checker' to know the AdSense success probability.

Google AdSense Eligibility Checker

In the above paragraph, I clearly mentioned that Google hasn't created any specific "AdSense Eligibility Checker" tool to find the AdSense success probability. But by following the instructions carefully you can able to break Google's barrier easily.

Google Adsense Approval Checker

This is basically a simple tool that you can use to know your probability for AdSense approval. Just enter the URL and Click Check eligibility. Then the rest will be done automatically.

👉🏻 Did you know, "Using AI content for AdSense Approval process" 🤔

AdSense Eligibility Checker Free

Unlike other tools like the paid version, this tool has no paid version. I'm offering this tool completely for free. You can check your AdSense approval probability multiple times completely for free with the success probability score of your site.

How do you Check Google AdSense Eligibility?

To check Google AdSense Eligibility, you have to ensure that you followed and met the Google program policies, webmaster quality guidelines and Google publisher policies.

adsense eligibility checker

But the problem is how do you know, you have followed these policies and are ready to be approved. For that purpose, you have to use tools like AdSense Eligibility Checker. This tool is completely free analyses your site and then tells you whether you are ready for AdSense approval or not?

adsense approval checker

How to access BlogsCoach's AdSense Eligibility Checker Tool?

To access this tool, first, you have to go to Google and search AdSense eligibility checker in the search bar and you will see this tool ranked on the first page.

Make sure that you find the right tool. It appears like "AdSense Eligibility Checker - BlogsCoach" in the search results.

Let me explain how to check your probability score in the next three steps.

• First copy the URL of your blog/site, and paste it into the "Enter the URL" section of the tool.

• Then, click the Check Eligibility button. After entering the check eligibility button, a progress bar will initiate with a message like "Please Wait,... Just Analyzing Your Site"

• With a period of 1 to 2 minutes, the progress bar will complete its analysis and the analysis of your site also completes.

After the completion of the progress bar, the results will be displayed in the table.

Below the results in the table, some of the reasons for your site analysis will also appear after the complete 100% analysis.

If the analysis shows, you are eligible then you can apply for the AdSense program surely.

On the other hand, if it shows you are not eligible, then you have to review your site to get accepted for the AdSense program.

It is a very simple analysis process only, not a complicated one.

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