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Getting Adsense Approval is a challenging step for young Bloggers...

Especially for bloggers, who use (Blogger.com) as their blogging platform...

You already know that there are several steps to be followed for Adsense approval. One of those steps is to have an SEO-friendly template for your blog.

Themes/Templates play an important role in users' navigation...

Without any delay, let's discuss the best and free Blogger Templates for Adsense Approval...

The templates mentioned in this post are all free, that can be downloaded and can be used. If you need the premium version of these templates, they were also available and you can buy them and can use them for your blogger blog...

Best Blogger Templates For Adsense Approval in 2023

The templates that I mentioned in this post, were all from my personal experience and also from the good comments from the already-using bloggers...

So you don't worry about the faith. You can believe it, as it is going to be great information for your template problem...

› Maxseo
› Lightify
› Solio
› Kalify
› Neoblog
› Neesi
› Cybor

Let's discuss the above-mentioned templates one by one in detail...


Maxseo is my #1 template on the priority list. Because the blog (www.blogscoach.in) you are currently reading is also using the same template.

This Template is very,

• Simple
• SEO Friendly
• Looks Clear
• Adsense Friendly
• Easily Navigable.

This template helped many bloggers to get their Adsense account to get approved.

Download the MaxSeo template here::


Lightify is one of the best blogger templates. It can be used for various categories such as,

• News and Media
• Stories
• Novels

Download the Lightify Template here::






Top 10 Blogger Templates

Free Blogger Templates

Free Blogger Templates Without Copyright

When looking for free blogger templates, it's essential to consider the terms of use and licensing. Many websites offer free templates that are released under various licenses, such as Creative Commons licenses or open-source licenses. These licenses may have certain conditions or restrictions, so it's crucial to read and understand them before using any template.

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