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Do you want to create a free blog? You can create a free blog using the Google Blogger platform. It is not only simple but also useful in many ways.

Let's see this detailed article about "How to create a free blog on Blogger? (Blogspot blog)"


Before entering into the actual process, let's talk about some of the Blogger Platform history.

Blogger was invented in the late 1990s and it was acquired by Google in 2003. After being acquired by Google, the Blogger platform was used all over the world. Later on, Google introduced various features to this platform it increased its number of users.

But the main thing is that "Blogger (BlogSpot)" is used in very small quantities nowadays. Because of the arrival of the giants like WordPress. WordPress has more brilliant features than Google Blogger so every individual or business is interested in WordPress.

We will discuss WordPress and its features in another discussion. Now let me teach you about Google Blogger.

Sign In To Google:

Before you are ready to create a free blog on Blogger. You need to have a Google account. If you already have one, then don't worry continue to the next steps.

Just go to Google and search "blogger" in the search bar as shown in the below image.

There you will see a sign-in option below the main blogger home page link. You can directly click the link as it will redirect you to the sign-in page.
Blogger sign in page

Sign In Using A Google Account:

After this, you have to sign in by using your Google account. You need to enter your email and password and then click the next button.
Google sign in
Blogger Sign In

Title Of Your Blog:

After the successful sign-in process. You will be redirected to the blog creation process. Here is where the actual blog creation process starts.

First, you need to enter the title of your blog. The title is the thing that is displayed at the top of your blog.

You can choose any title of your own. It can be the same as before or you can choose a unique blog title.

The title has a maximum of 100 characters and it should not exceed the limit. But keep the title very short and simple as 2 to 3 words about your blog. Those 2 to 3 words should explain about the blog.

Or you can simply keep your name as the title of your blog. 

My blog title is "Indhu Prakash"

See the below image to clearly understand this process.
Blogger title page
Blogger Title

Domain Name:

After giving a great title to your blog. You have to click the next button. This will lead you to the next important step. The choice of the domain name is very important, as it reflects the purpose of your blog.

While choosing the domain name you have to remember, some important steps. The domain name you are choosing should be,

• Unique (meaning it is not already used by someone/any business).

• Simple and Clear (it should be easy to remember and simple to read, write and type).

• Don't Merge With Others  (don't try to choose a similar name which already exists, because it will affect your business/blog purposes).

Example: is already already a big existing brand. If you choose a name with the same name(like it will affect your blog only.

So try to choose a unique and clear domain name. Then only it will become a brand.

My blog domain name is BlogsCoach 🙂

See the below image to understand more.
Choosing your blog domain name
Blogger Domain Name

Blogger DashBoard:

After completing all the steps, click save and finish button to create your blog. Then you will be taken to your blogger dashboard.

That's all! Congrats! You have done all the processes right. 👌🏻

And you are already on your blogger dashboard. Your blogger dashboard is the place where you can edit and customize your whole blog.

It looks like the below image.
Blogger dashboard
Blogger Dashboard

Buy a Custom Domain Name:

The domain name is the thing that visitor uses to find your blog. When creating a blog on Blogger, your domain name is created with a subdomain called

You have to make it more professional by buying a custom domain and connecting to it. Buying and connecting a custom domain is your choice, it is not compulsory to have a custom domain.

But having a custom domain makes your blog more professional. So I recommend you buy a custom domain and connect it to your blogger domain.

You can see the below image it understand this process more clearly.
Add a custom domain to blogger blog
Custom Domain

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