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Blogging With Me:

Blogging is an art. It is a skill. It is also a great business industry in terms of today's market share. Do you know, blogging is a billion-dollar industry? 😲

Are you Excited? Then, let's have an association 🙂👍🏻

I am a blogger, join me in your blogging journey.

BlogsCoach Online Business

How I Started It Back?

I learned about blogging during my college days. Just searched online and tons and tons of articles came into the results. It was very educational to me. And later I realized that it is not only to learn. It is a great business.

I like doing business and having startups and enterprises. I think of myself as a CEO 😅. Yes, one day I will be in that position 🙂👍🏻.

Started My Own:

I started everything freely online, at that time due to a lack of money. And later I realized that to have some investment to take it to the next level. Then I purchased a domain, and premium theme and connected it to my blog.

If you don't have a blog still yet and want to know how to create a blog then check this my guide.

Then, I took it somewhat seriously because I invested my money 😁.

Continuous Learning:

Business is the hardest part when compared to a Job/Work. I realized this at that point. Because I don't get any results for a long time. I am like a newborn baby at that time. I don't know anything.

I researched about this, but why I am not getting any results? 🤔 I am very confused 🥴.

Later on, I started continuous learning by reading books, blog articles, YouTube videos and more. Then it paved the way for the successful path 😅.

Attained Something!

After this learning process, I just implemented the things that I learned. It is the best part ever. I started getting results as the days went on.

Blogging With BlogsCoach

I know these results are not amazing, but I feel happy that I had some achievements to show 😀. Business is full of ups and downs.

Ups And Downs:

As I decided to start my business I faced a lot of ups and downs too 😯. I heard before the business is very risky in terms of job security. It may go down and fall at any time. I also remembered the pitfalls of many business persons who failed.

But, it will only happen when you are not doing things on time and precisely. So I didn't bother about that and continued my work without focusing on the results. I just did the process well to reap my results 🏆.

Feeling As An Experienced:

After facing many issues and resolving many problems, nowadays I am feeling a very experienced person in my business with a lot of learning and enjoyment 🥳.

I have solutions to the problems and also had the experience to face any new issue that exists.

Connect With Me:

I learned a lot of things in my business. From my side and also from my customer's side. And also gained some of the hearts of my customers ❤️. It is a success when it comes to the business. I feel glad.

I am not quitting and will continue the process till my last. It is very passionate for me to learn. If you are also one who had this experience in your past, then have a connection with me to enjoy your and also my journey.

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Share your thoughts and your experience in the below comments section. And also don't forget to comment, if you find any mistakes in this article.

Thank you, see you in the next post.

- BlogsCoach


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