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Vlogger Meaning by BlogsCoach

Vlogger is a term that gets popularized more after the pandemic period. But do you know,

The Meaning of Vlogger,
Who is a Vlogger ?
What their work is ?

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› The full form of vlog is (video+blog).
› Vlog is in the format of video.
› It is a type of content created by someone in the world.
› The vlogs created are of any category (Niche) depens upon the content creator.


› The process of creating vlogs are called Vlogging
› There are numerous vloggers available in today's world.
› Everyone can learn vlogging by practing a lot.


› A Vlogger is a one, who creates content in the form of Videos.
› Vloggers create vlogs and publish it in online.
› Some of the popular vlogging platforms are Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and so on ..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ::

Who is called a vlogger?

A Vlogger is a one who creates content in video format and publish it in the vlogging platform.

Difference between Blogger and Vlogger

A Blogger publish content in the form of written (Article) format, whereas Vlogger creates and publish content in the Video format.

Bloggers - Article creators
Vloggers - Video creators